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Firing-Line Indoor Shooting Range Rules


Please Read All of the Following Before Coming In

Before visiting our locations, please read the rules and regulations below. Failure to meet or follow the codes below may result in not being able to shoot and other courses of action. For any questions regarding the regulations below, please call the Northridge location at 818-349-1420, the Huntington Beach location at 714-841-2100 or the Burbank location at 818-954-9810. We look forward to seeing you at Firing-Line Indoor Shooting Range.
1.) Firearms brought into the building must be unloaded. If firearm is not in a case or container, action must be locked open.

2.) All firearms and ammunition will be inspected by range officers.

3.) No holstered weapons are allowed on the range.

4.) Range officers will bar anyone handling a gun in an unsafe manner.

5.) Persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or court awarded legal guardian on and off the range and at all times while on the range. We recommend all children & adults wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

6.) Everyone must wear eye and hearing protection while on the range and we recommend you wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

7.) No more than two shooters allowed on a lane without range officer approval. (one parent per child no exclusions)

8.) No steel jacket or steel core ammunition. No semi-jacketed ammunition. All ammunition must be full metal jacket or lead. No wolf, wpa or tula ammunition allowed.

9.) No center fire rifles. No rifle caliber handguns. No black powder.

10.) Keep weapons pointed toward backstop at all times.

11.) Handle all weapons, magazines and ammunition in booth only, not at the viewing window.

12.) No food, drinks, or smoking on the range.

13.) Do not bring any loaded or jammed weapons off the range for any reason. If there is a problem, lay the gun in the booth and notify range officer.

14.) No rapid-fire permitted. Allow at least one second between shots.

15.) Do not exchange weapons with another lane. Switch shooters not guns.

16.) Cease fire: on this command unloaded, open action, lay gun down, and step back from the line.

17.) Open one door at a time when entering or leaving the range.

18.) Rental guns must be used with firing-line copper plated reloaded ammunition only.

19.) Firing-line reloaded brass is the property of firing-line and will not be allowed to leave the range. Please sweep all brass forward.

20.) No pregnant women allowed on the range for the baby's safety.

21.) Range officers will bar anyone believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

22.) Any person with a medical disorder which might create a safety hazard, eg. Epilepsy, etc., must notify range officers before going out onto the range.

23.) Do not throw any ammunition or empty shells into the trash containers. Please do throw paper and plastic garbage into trash containers.

24.) Non-members must be in a party of two or more in order to rent a firearm.

Remember: ear and eye protection door at a time. Have fun and as always, be safe.